Important Features and Basic Elements of Research Paper and Thesis

To some people, writing is a daunting task, and to the others, it is what makes them eke a living. Whether or not writing is your thing, there is no excuse or reason why you should not deliver top notch A+ grade paper. With so much help online, you can get many term paper basic outline examples and see how it should be done. Generally, speaking, the outline of your academic paper should be structured as follows –

  • The topic:
    The outline should describe the topic and clearly describe how it fits in to the field of study. Avoid the obvious topics or one which elicits reactions or issues which cannot be reasonably concluded within the period of the project. For instance, if you are required to do the paper and submit it within one week, month or year, avoid any topic or research work which cannot be reasonably concluded within that time. A good choice of topic will capture the attention and eye of the reader.
  • Setting the scene:
    You should describe the environment and also its conditions as well. If you want to use personal information, ensure you get permission first. It is important to ensure you introduce and clearly describe the problem you want to solve. Ensure you describe what you intend to argue or show in the paper and why you decided to introduce it. What is the significance of the study? Ensure you illustrate the problem at hand with crystal clear examples.
    Ensure you remember and keep in mind the audience you are writing for and focus on capturing their interest. Start by defining the vocabulary, the concepts and terms. If so possible, use authoritative sources or combine foot and definitions of your sources. At the later stage of the development of the paper, you should be conscious of the use of new terms.
    If you introduce something new, ensure you define it using the simplest language possible. It is recommenced that you get a basic research paper outline template from your school library, or you may get one from your supervisor. When you get the tasks to start well, most likely, it will have good finish. In this regard, you need to review the problem, scene and the topic with the supervisor or teacher in order to verify and conform that you are truly on the right path.
  • The body:
    In the body of your paper, ensure you develop the hypothesis. Simply put, the hypothesis is the proposed explanation which you intend to test in order to establish if it is true or false. It should contain variables which can be measured. Variable means that they can be manipulated or changed. These measurable variables should be such that they can be compared with others. Avoid over generalization, and ensure the research findings are referenced.

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